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Tunisian cuisine: The cuisine of Tunisia, is a blend of Mediterranean and desert dwellers' culinary traditions. Its distinctive spicy fieriness comes from the many civilizations which have ruled the land now known as Tunisia: Roman, Vandals, Byzantines, Arabs, Spanish, Turkish, Italians, French and the native Punic-berber people. Many of the cooking styles and utensils began to take shape when the ancient tribes were nomads. Nomadic people were limited in their cooking implements by what pots and pans they could carry with them.

Unlike other North African cuisines, Tunisian food is quite spicy. A popular condiment and ingredient which is used extensively in Tunisian cooking, harissa, is a mix of spices commonly sold together as a paste. It is usually the most important ingredient in different sauces and gravies.  However, when the food is prepared for guests the hot peppers are often toned down to suit the possibly more delicate palate of the visitor. Like harissa or chili peppers, Tuna, Eggs, Olives and various varieties of pasta, cereals, herbs and spices are also ingredients which are prominently used in Tunisian cooking.


Executive shef /owner : RAFIK BOUZIDI

Coming from a small country in North africa, Tunisia, and after working in the culinary scene,in both San Francisco and Las Vegas for about 20 years, he realized the lack of people's knowldge of his country and its rich culture and fascinating cuisine . when time came to start his own buisiness RAFIK decided to chose the high road by paying an homage to this world's unknown cuisine by mixing the mediterranean sea flavors with the desert vibes, topped with a sophisticated western touch.


La Marsa restaurant is a modern take of the Tunisian cuisine. Its goal is to bring these new diverse, old flavors to the San Francisco food scene. When using local ingredients combined with Tunisian spices, the result is magical .